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On a selective basis, we conduct printing and binding services for hire.

Due to our small studio, we can not accept every job request that comes in—
so we choose them based on our schedule’s availability and that
the kind of work requested fits well with our studio’s capabilities.

If your job falls outside of our capabilities, we are happy to refer you
to our trusted friends who are skilled in the particular work you are requesting. 

All inquiries can be made here:
studio [at]


You can also fill out appropriate forms below: 

︎  Commissions + Consultations for Individual Artists

︎ Commissions, Consultations + Educational Requests for Institutions


We design books for individuals and institutions.

When designing, an ideal situation for us is to also produce the entire project in-house.
Our design approaches work in tandem with our studio workflow (best illustrated by our publishing).

In either case, our rates are established based on the context of the inquiry—
the best way to engage us in this discussion is by filling out the appropriate form listed above.


We have two printers:

a RICOH Pro 5300S (standard quality of a CMYk commercial digital press) which prints up to 13x19 sheets,

and an Epson SureColor P5000 (extremely high-quality inkjet prints using 8 inks), which prints anything from 17” wide to as long as needed.

If you are looking for the quality of an Indigo Press, we are happy to refer you to our trusted friend and vendor who specializes in Indigo printing. Just ask!


We can make custom clamshell boxes or other designed boxes of any size, which can integrate our other services into their design (foil stamping, inkjet printing, etc.). 

For small editions, we will likely sew your books by hand. If needing to sew larger runs, we would outsource the work to a trusted vendor in East LA that we continuously work with for this purpose. We also perfect bind in-house, we use a DUPLO 290 and score the covers in house as well. 


We currently have two foil stampers in house, we will likely have a third soon. We can stamp custom designs onto fabric and paper.

We can also print imagery and designs onto a variety of  fabrics.

Thank you for visiting.

Looking for our shop?

It’s called Speculation Bookshop, our partner company, and you can purchase our work and others there:

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