Ways to Support

It is often difficult to admit, but we will always need help sustaining this work. Our biggest struggles are always rent and standard operating expenses (paper, printer lease, fabric, etc.). The bulk of our labor has so far been performed through commissioned projects in order to sustain our publishing practice that supports artists financially. So far, this dynamic has led to tight margins and some challenging moments of cash flow issues—i.e. when folks (primarily large institutions) pay late for the work we do for them, it can often freeze our whole operation because we can't pay for the basics to operate, including the publishing.

Recently, we've been restructuring to sustain our project with a focus more on educational workshops and classes, and allow a new channel for artists interested in publishing to do it themselves. We are also now actively fundraising now that we are fiscally sponsored by Sixty Inches from Center and can accept fully tax-deductible donations. 

To help us sustain our work: 

  • You can make tax-deductible donations to us through our fiscal sponsor Sixty Inches from Center. Just specify in the donation dropdown menu that your donation is to support the operations of For the Birds Trapped in Airports
  • You can sign up for our Patreon for occasional in-depth newsletters about the happenings in our studio (we're trying to get better at being more consistent with those).
  • If you are trying to get rid of some printing or binding equipment, paper, etc., we often could use that too, just reach out.

  • If you'd like to help us by purchasing a piece of equipment, please reach out and we'll share what we're most in need of at the moment.

  • You can suggest to bookstores to stock our stuff, particularly our notebooks. 

  • You can share our work with people, online, word of mouth, however—let them know we exist and are trying to provide a non-exploitative space for artists and publishers to produce and publish their work in conditions that uplift them rather than compromise their self-worth and/or put them into debt.

  • If you are a teacher, your institution most likely has an arts library or special collections library. Please request your librarian to buy our books so you can teach with them in your classes.