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For the Birds Trapped in Airports

The Heat of the Cool by Cecil McDonald, Jr.

The Heat of the Cool by Cecil McDonald, Jr.

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The Heat of the Cool, emerged from a theory that espouses the idea that cool or coolness is a West African phenomenon where its inhabitants mask a deep wellspring of intensity, stress, or pleasure with serenity, calmness, or spirituality. Believing in the transformative power of dance I create, parties, dances, and occurrences of movement, where participants (dancers) and collaborators (DJs, still and motion photographers) converge. From these events, I create large-scale photographs and time-based imagery that renders the moving, dancing body as a symbol of freedom, with the ability to express the ownership of one’s time, space, labor, and self.

This multidiscipline project places at its center the photograph and the depiction of the moving, dancing body, as a divine symbol of freedom, with its own understanding of time, sometimes improvised, sometimes instructive. The body in motion is a lexicon of communication. The ecstatic experiences found in music and dance can be considered a momentary connection to the divine.

First edition, First printing: Foil-stamped hardcover book of 92 pages, includes an additional zine inside back cover. Uncoated 100# text printed with HP Indigo Press. Handbound.



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