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Tentativa de la Razón by Sebastián Barrante

Tentativa de la Razón by Sebastián Barrante

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Tentativa de la razón is an artist book by one of the editors of Naranja Librería & Editorial, Sebastián Barrante (Chile, 1986), made jointly with the North American publishing house Candor Arts (Chicago, USA) dedicated to author publications, artist books and binding. Tentativa de la Razón is an edition of 14 unique works of writings on paper related to the story of the father of the artist during his stay in prison during the period of the dictatorship in Chile (1973-1990). The story told, is fragmented into 14 pieces that are interrupted or 'erased' with coffee residues scattered on the paper. Each work is contained in a portfolio of three windows and a protective case. Each piece comes with a booklet that contains a poetic inventory that contextualizes the individual work of each coffee eraser and its fragmented set. This artist's book was launched in February 2019 at the CODEX 2019 Biennial and Symposium, San Francisco, United States. 
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