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ANSWER 4 ︎︎︎ For those wanting to potentially work together on something, it might be best to understand what this studio is /
what this studio is not. 

For the Birds Trapped in Airports publishes artists committing growth in their careers to the care and well-being of their peers. We work in a model where all published authors share collective book profits, partnerships and resources with one another. Publishing within our studio is structurally designed to foster long-term care and mutual support systems between the artists we work with. 

We are a very small start-up business that is entirely run by the labor of a few working class people. Though quite a ways down the road, our long-term goal is to generate payouts that equate to (or surpass) a standard minimum wage salary, so that contributing artists can stop working altogether or, at least, work significantly less. This is what all of our work is building toward. It will take time to get to this point, but the feasibility of this goal is made possible by publishing and producing projects 100% inside our studio.

With our production resources for publishing, we also offer services to institutions and individual artists on a commission (non-published) basis for consultations, presentations, design, printing, binding, and other hand-made artist book production.

Our studio’s  three main functions are prioritized in this order:

Function 1. funding, producing, and publishing artist books for arts workers committing the growth of their careers to the well-being of their peers—through which their projects become part of a collectivist structure where every collaborator equally shares all collective profits (revenue above production costs).

Function 2. operating as the permanent print production / publishing support arm of small organizations interested in restoring humanity, such as Sming Sming Books, Sixty Inches from Center, Bubbelah Studio, and WORK / PLAY.

Function 3. selectively designing / producing books for hire (both inidividuals and institutions), as well as consulting, artist talks, and educational opportunities for hire.

If any of the above sounds like something you need,
please reach out through the appropriate form below!

︎ Publishing for Individual Artists
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︎  Commissions + Consultations for Individual Artists

︎ Commissions, Consultations +
Educational Requests for Institutions

︎  Wholesale ordering of notebooks and books
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